Oil Change

Includes a computerized wheel alignment!

Computerized front wheel and 4 wheel alignments are important! Before any alignment service we will inspect your vehicle suspension, bearings and steering components for worn or damaged parts. Alignments are a waste of your money if key components are not in good working order. We can give you a computer printout from before and after your alignment so you can see how much of an improvement there is. Please remember alignments don’t last forever and anytime you hit a bad bump or pothole you can knock your alignment back out of correct alignment. One should have an alignment at least once a year for over 10,000 miles or whenever you put on a new set of tires.

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Engine service

From big to small, if it has a motor it gets us running.

If your equipment is powered by any of these motors we have the parts and service available for quick repair and maintenance. We stock OEM air filters Durago brakes and rotors, fuel filters, Gabriel shocks, Gabriel struts and spark plugs for most models of these engines to keep your motor running with the parts it was born with. Saving a few dollars on aftermarket parts may seem like a bargain until a costly engine repair is denied under warranty because original parts were not used. Speaking of warranty, we are also a Techumseh Dealer and are factory authorized to perform warranty repairs for you.

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23 Hour Towing

Don’t worry we are on the way!

We can repair flat tires with “while you wait” service. A flat tire never comes at a convenient time so if you have a slow leak now, schedule an appointment so it makes it more convenient for you on your time rather than seeing your tire flat as you come out of the store. If the need arises at the last minute, we got your back! We’ll find the leak, dismount the tire, patch, not plug the leak, clean off the bead, re-seat and mount the tire for you while you wait if needed. We can obtain almost any tire brand or size overnight, and mounting and balancing are included in any new tire sale!

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Transmission Service & Flush

We offer Transmission flushes with or without a filter change. We offer many options for your transmission not to mention we can also rebuild them. We use a partial synthetic blend of ATF or full synthetic if requested for an up-charge.

Cooling System Flush

Your cooling system is very important to your vehicle and many times it reminds you of that. So don’t ignore the radiator until the water pump goes out or a fan belt breaks, or the thermostat decides it has had enough. Get a flush or at least replacement of coolant and have the hoses checked. We can fill your needs on any hoses, belts, thermostats, water pumps, radiator replacement and more.

Tire Ordering & Tire Repair

We can obtain almost any tire brand or size overnight. Mounting and balancing are included in any new tire sale. We can even repair flat tires with “while you wait” service if the need arises. Better yet, before the tire does go flat, schedule an appointment on your time to have that slow leak looked at now. BEFORE, the tire goes flat on it’s own time.

Sports Tuning & Exhaust Systems

Tune Ups include air filter and fuel filter replacement and ignition parts (cap, rotor, spark plugs) as needed. We also offer full exhaust system repairs and replacements.

Complete A/C Service

From a simple charge of refrigerant to replacing or repairing any component of you A/C System. If you have a leak we can test the system with a special dye. That old dead system of yours may not cost as much as you thought to get you chillin’ again.

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